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Recording Services

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Recording services for your music recordings, all sessions come complete with a quality mix-down which includes basic mastering. Our Recording studios can be used for other types of work as well, such as Vocal Tracking, Video Editing, Broadcast level Audio / Video Post Productions, Podcasting and more. All sessions are lead by one of our professional sound engineers who operate all equipment for you.


Mix And Master Services

Being the Master of Music

We will deliver the professional sound quality you’re looking for in your music. Send your recording file, we will mix it, master it and send it right back to you.


Music Production

MixWell makes hits!

We specialize in hip-hop. r&b, soul, and jazz music productions tailor made to fit your song ideas. Submit your song info below and a MixWell music producer will contact you within 48 hours.


Mobile Sound Engineers

We come to Engineer for you

Have your own mix, how you like it. Get a Professional Recording Engineer to come to you! We will send you an experienced recording engineer to operate your studio equipment or any facility you are working on your project. Our Engineers will come to operate all of the equipment for your recording session success.


Live Sound Systems

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We provide Concert and Touring Sound Systems, Dj and Party Sound Systems, Conference and Seminar Systems, Wedding and any other kind of Special Event Sound Systems you may need. Speak with a MixWell representative to receive an estimate.


Sound Systems Installs

Develop and Install Recording Studios & Live Sound Systems!

Top Engineers in the Industry will create a plan for your space that will cover all of your technical needs - We will build out your space to suit all of your recording requests - Fully Sound Proofed and Treated for you to get the optimal acoustic results out of your space -All of our studio installations come with a full tech package and also includes a lifetime of technical support for your studio needs as you use your space over time.

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